Brand Awareness & Video Marketing

  Hello, Before going further I have 1 question for you. Tell me the name of any toothpaste?

     Almost 90% of people will name Colgate or Pepsodent, some of you might be thinking of Sensodyne or Closeup. Right? Have you ever thought why are you choosing these particular products? Let me tell you, its very simple. because you have seen lots of video advertisements for these particular products on TV & that’s how they have created a brand awareness of these particular products over the period of time. This is the power of video marketing. Nowadays video marketing can be done by anyone. If you don’t have a budget you can start it by doing yourself. We have been working in this field since 2016 & we came to know that lots of business owner are not aware of the video marketing they busy doing traditional methods. As per google, Consumers are using videos for inspiration, guidance, entertainment & for education. That’s why we need to produce more videos of our business, brand or products.

     Nowadays everyone has smartphones & easy access to the internet that’s why digital marketing become so important & Video marketing is a major part of digital marketing. Video is the key to engage the audience. Take an example of yourself, You mostly prefer watching the video than reading. This consumer behaviour open ups the way for interesting videos. The main purpose of video marketing is to grab customers attention & place the product or brand in between video. This will definitely increase your brand awareness. This is one of many methods, it depends upon what are the goals of your marketing campaign. There are many types of videos such as Story-based video ad (TVC), corporate video, product videos, animated ads, explainer videos, youtube videos & so on. Confused, which video to make? Don’t worry, We have dedicated blog on that, named “Which type of video is perfect for your business marketing?” you can read.

     Video marketing increases ‘ buyer’s conversion rate’ that effectively increases sales & ROI(Return of investment). This totally depends upon which type of video you have made. The video makes a stronger connection with the audience, that effectively increases trust. Nowadays brands are more focused on making videos that create a sense of urgency & call to action video. I’ll cover this in the next blog. Thanks for reading ‘Few words by Karan’ Be unique, Be Creative!

Which type of video is perfect for your business marketing?

Story-Based Video Ads (TVC)

     Video marketing is a tool which will help you to grow your business in many ways. Business explainer videos to brand value increment video like emotional or comedy video ads or documentaries are the keys to reach your targeted customers. In this blog, we are going to cover different types of videos & their use to achieve a particular objective. Let’s start with story-based ads, This is a very effective way to increase brand awareness. Just take an example of Samsung ad (here is the link, watch & then read) That’s a very emotional ad in that ad you connect with the story & because of you felt the emotions you share the video with the others. These types of ads get more user engagements & reach. These ads are made with the purpose of brand awareness not to increase the sale. You don’t go to but the product immediately after watching an ad. Right? Let’s take an example of Cadbury perk chocolate. Also, in this case, You don’t go shop to buy perk immediately after watching an ad. But while you have multiple options to purchase chocolate 90% time you will choose the perk over any other unknown or less valued brand.

Call to action videos (Offer ads)

     Have you observed ads of amazon great Indian festival or Flipkart big billion days? These ads seem different than their ordinary ads. Right? The major point in these ads is they create an urge in you to buy the products from their app. Mostly these ad contains lots of offers, they make you feel that this the only time to buy products at a cheaper price. This is a very trending marketing strategy. Even you took example of Udemy (Educational Platform) they also do the same. They lower the prices & make ads which has call to action strategy.

Business Explainer Videos

     In these types of video, Everything about business or product or services covered in single video with attractive animation or with the model. Mostly these videos are created to explain the services or product to the customer in less & simple format. This also used to explain the websites.

Product Videos

     There are different types of product videos, like product feature videos, how-to videos, installation videos. product feature videos are used to explain the advantages & uses of the product. Whereas how-to videos are used to explain how to use that product to fulfil the user needs. Installation videos are mostly done in the B2B sector where one needs to sent manpower to install the product or machine. This saves the time, money & efforts.

Corporate Videos

     These type of videos are generally made with the purpose to tell everything about your business. These videos contain information about establishment, mission, services, achievements, client base, how they are different, testimonials & so on. We believe to make these type of video with cinematic experience to engage users. Mostly these videos are made for B2B sector. These are very useful in exhibitions.

Testimonial Videos

     The best way to gain trust is to make testimonial videos of customers. In this form of video, The feedback of customers about your service & product is being recorded in form of video. These videos are the prof of customer satisfaction. After watching testimonials, the possibility of new customer conversion increases.

     I have covered almost all types except Educational video. Read the dedicated blog on educational videos. Thanks for reading ‘Few words by Karan’ Be unique, Be Creative!

Educational Videos (Edutainment)

With the experience of making more than 300 educational videos, I am very excited about this topic. This is a very interesting topic. Go to Youtube & search educational Video, you will find millions of videos. Go to google & search educational video platforms, you will find thousands of apps & websites. Why is demand increasing? Why is the method of learning changing? Does that impact on physical learning? Well, I will cover all your doubts just hang in there!